La Festa del Barbarossa


in San Quirico d’Orcia, Federico I of Hohenstaufen meets The Pope’s emissaries, «after long and tiring ride», as the The future Emperor Barbarossa declares at its entrance to the wall of the city. With his arrival, therefore,
the Empire and the Papacy meet in this strip of the land of Siena, crossed by via Francigena and connected with the Teutonic. It was the year 1155 when the most powerful man of the time, Barbarossa, arrived in the turretted village of San Quirico to get the coronation to Emperor. The meeting between Barbarossa and the Cardinals sent by Pope Adriano IV led to an agreement for the capture by the army of Federico I of the hereticist Arnaldo da Brescia, delivered by Barbarossa’s troops to the Church of Rome.

The historical revelation revives Emperor Barbarossa and the cardinals, civil and religious authorities of San Quirico of that time, the nobles, the people and the armies. The four districts – Borgo, Canneti, Castello e Prato – contend for the conquest of the Emperor Jugs in spectacular archery challenges and flag races. A party in the party, taverns, where echoes of the sounds and the medieval atmospheres, with the spectacles of the square of a long time.